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5 November 2021

Benjamin Dwyer

Olesya Zdorovetska: 'Undefined Pleasure'

Olesya Zdorovetska: Undefined Pleasure

Performance into discussion 
Robert Vesty and Kate Ryder:
'Seven Scenes in Tandem—Adventures with Voicing Dancer'

Conversation and Performance
Kate Ryder and Tansy Spinks:
'Materiality in Sound'

Charlotte Hug, Benjamin Dwyer and 
Nick Roth 

Presentation and Performance

Live-streamed from the Orpheus Institute (Ghent)

Jonathan Impett and Juan Parra Cancino:

'The Nature of Material in Improvisation with Live Electronics'

Jonathan Impett: Three States of Wax


Nick Roth:

'Improvisation as Embodied Knowledge'

Interactive Q&A

Jam session...

Huai-Wen Chang and Zhibo Zhao (dancers), Benjamin Dwyer, Charlotte Hug, Jenn Kirby, Nick Roth, Kate Ryder, Viktória Šinkorová, Tansy Spinks and Olesya Zdorovetska 

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